Muck City Boxing

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Muck City Boxing in Pahokee, Florida is a boxing gym where fighters from different parts of the world come train with boxing agent and owner of the gym, Nelson Lopez Jr.
Dagoberto Aguero of the Dominican Republic is a future promise of the sport at his short age and undefeated record, but he still has a lot to prove in order to achieve his goal of becoming a world champion.
Joaquim Carneiro of Brazil and Jonathan Perez of Colombia are two boxers who may not have another chance to fight for a world title, but they still have to keep training hard throughout the year and be ready to take fights at any given moment just to make a living.
Carneiro, Perez, and Aguero, all left their relatives back home to come live at the gym and focus on training.
Muck City Boxing is located in Pahokee, Florida, at the West end of Palm Beach County. Is a farming community of just over 6,000 people adjacent to Lake Okeechobee and surrounded by more than 400,000 acres of sugarcane.
These fighters come here with Nelson Lopez Jr. with the goal of winning fights and collect a check to support their families back home.
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